I have compared this species with Haploglenius and Episperches but better I could compare it with the Australian genus Stilbopteryx Newm. which I had not seen before I made my description. The form of the head with the very short antennae, which are, like those of Stilbopteryx, shorter than the thorax, the round pterostigma, ferrugineous in Albardia, white in Stilbopteryx, and also the simple sinuated postcosta are characters of near relationship. According to Mc. Lachlan (J. Linn. Soc. XI, p. 229, 1871) the Stilbopteryx ♂ has a pelotte, and must therefore be placed in the Myrmeleontidae, in Albardia it is wanting and therefore this genus belongs to the Ascalaphidae. By the simple and sinuated postcosta the two genera are related to all American Schizophthalmous Ascalaphidae at one side and to the Myrmeleontid genera Echthromyrmex M. Lachl. (Asia) and Dimares Hagen (Central America) at the other side. According to Mc. Lachlan Stilbopteryx is also related to the Australian species of Suphalasca Lefèbvre.