In the collection of Coleoptera, left behind by the late H. W. Bates and now in the possession of Mr. René Oberthür, the following species of Pachyteria were represented: calumniata Rits. (= fasciata ruficollis Thoms. nec Fabr.), Waterh. (= collaris Har.), javana Bates (= puncticollis Rits.), affinis Rits., Pryeri Rits. and, finally, an undescribed species from Borneo, which will be described in this Note. The specimen of Pachyteria Pryeri Rits., a female originating, like the type-specimen, from North Borneo ¹), was labelled „basalis Waterh.”, but this species belongs, according to the description of the apical ventral segments, to the group of and Pachyteria rugosicollis Rits., Hageni Rits. similis Rits.²), having in the ♂: the 5th ventral segment broadly emarginate, the 6th very deeply emarginate, the sides of the emargination parallel, — and in the ♀: the 5th ventral segment notched on each side. In Mr. Bates’ specimen, which, as is said, belongs to the female sex, the hind margin of the 5th ventral segment is, however, faintly and broadly emarginate.