Sat convexa, pallide grisescens, supra vage albido-vittata, squamulis acuminatis, suberectis, subtus squamulis setiformibus vestita, antennis rufis, tibiis posterioribus brevibus, crassiusculis. – Long. 7, lat. 4 m.m. Antennae pale red, 10-jointed, the leaves of the club rather short, about as long as joints 3—7 together. Head short, clothed with pale, erect, narrow, acuminate scales. Thorax convex, much narrowed in front and behind, densely clothed with grey scales, of nearly uniform colour, but these are mixed with darker scales, these latter becoming near the front numerous; the scales are acuminate, suberect and dense, and among them are a very few more elongate pale setae. Scutellum densely clothed with pale scales. Elytra clothed with scales similar to those of the thorax, with a sutural, and two or three other very indistinct stripes a little paler; the scales on these paler stripes are rather coarser than the darker ones. Undersurface densely clothed with a pale, uniform pubescence, consisting of very long, acuminate scales, or setae. Anterior legs reddish, their tibiae bidentate. Middle legs rather short. Hind legs except the tarsi short, and thick.