Among a number of Languriidae sent to me for examination by Herr Ritsema, I have found several very interesting species. The most interesting to myself was a specimen of the handsome Compsolanguria concinna which I have lately described (with figure) in the Transactions of the Entomological Society of London, 1886, Prt. III, p. 315; the only other specimen hitherto known is in the collection of the British Museum; the Leyden Museum specimen is labelled » America meridionalis, Ste Paulo d’Olivença, M. de Mathan, Mai 1883.” Other species worth mentioning are Callilanguria Wallacei Crotch, hitherto almost unique (a specimen from Borneo: Dr. Schwaner), Languriosoma Brooki Crotch (three specimens from East Sumatra: Dr. B. Hagen), Oxylanguria acutipennis Crotch (a specimen from East Sumatra: Dr. B. Hagen), Languria cuneiformis Crotch (a specimen from East Sumatra: Dr. B. Hagen), and Languria Calabarensin, a species lately described by myself from Western Africa (a specimen from Liberia: Büttikofer). The majority of the specimens consisted of the very puzzling forms with red thorax and cyaneous elytra which are so characteristic of the fauna of the Philippine Islands, Borneo, and the islands between these and Northern-Australia; among them (however there appear to be two or three new species and one distinct new genus which seems to bear a relation to Pachylanguria on the one side and to Trapezidera on the other. I am also strongly of opinion that two other of the species will ultimately have to be referred to a new genus.