In the Notes from the Leyden Museum, 1890, p. 149, I said that Sciurus prevostii belongs to the fauna of Billiton; this statement was based upon two specimens procured by the late Teysmann in 1877 in that island and presented to our Museum (cf. Cat. syst. des Mammifères, 1888, p. 26, m and n). Dr. Vorderman kindly informs me that Sciurus prevostii perhaps formerly has been introduced there and afterwards has grown wild. Specimens have been brought over from Mendanao, a small island close to the west coast of Billiton, and are at present living in Billiton in the neighborhood of Tandjong Pandan, N. W. Billiton, in the gardens, having escaped from their cages. He nowhere in the interior observed a single specimen. According to Dr. Vorderman in Billiton is living the Cervusspecies known from Bankà, viz. Cervulus muntjac, moreover the Kidang and Napoe are very common. In a collection of animals from different localities presented by Dr. Vorderman to our Museum there is a cording the label called Tragulus-specimen, ac- Pelandock by the indigenous — I remember that Dr. Hagen ¹) remarked that in Deli the Malays call Tragulus napu, Blandoh, perhaps a contraction of Pelandock.