The collection of birds, of which the following lines contain an enumeration of the species, has been brought together by Mr. Edward Jacobson. It is a fine collection of about 800 well-prepared and exactly labelled skins, a few of which are collected by Mr. Jacobson himself, by far the larger part however by native hunters under his direct supervision. The birds are collected at various parts of the residence Batavia and of the former residence Krawang, on Goenoeng Karang in the residence Bantam, near Palaboean Ratoe at the Wijnkoopsbaai in the residence Preanger Regentschappen and on the island Krakatau in the straits of Soenda. To the last-named island Mr. Jacobson paid a short visit on occasion of the surveying of the group of Krakatau in May 1908. An interesting account on the new fauna of this group of islands has been published by him in „Jaarverslag van den Topographischen dienst in Ned.-Indie over 1908”, for which paper I provided him with a list of the birds collected there. Among the collection from Java there was one form, a Gerygone, which belonged to an undescribed one and which I had the pleasure to name after Mr. Jacobson; the study of other specimens has in some cases required necessary changes in the nomenclature.