Very closely allied to Helota ocellata Rits., from Java, and strongly resembling this species, but of a more dark green colour and the posterior pair of yellow elytral spots placed between the 3rd and 6th striae, in ocellata between the 3rd and 7th. The anterior pair is placed in both species between the 4th and 7th striae. In the new species the yellow elytral spots are smaller than in ocellata and the distance between the spots on the same elytron is larger. Length 8— 8½ mm. — Above metallic green, brightest along the margins of the elytra; the anterior angles of the pronotum fulvous, this colour more or less continued along the lateral margins of the pronotum; the antennae piceous, the two basal joints and the club fulvous, the basal joint with a metallic green hue; the yellow elytral spots surrounded with purplish. — Underneath reddish testaceous; the head, the elytral epipleurae, the tip of the femora and the tibiae bright metallic green, the tarsi piceous with a metallic green hue.