Dressing up the Catalogue of the Neuropterous Insects in the collections of the Leyden Museum, I found in the collection of the late Mr. H. Albarda six specimens of a Theleproctophylla from Asia minor (Lycia, Makri). They were placed beyond a label bearing the name Bubo agrioides Rambur”, but as this name is not written by Mr. Albarda on the underside of the label of origin, I think these specimens were placed there only provisionally. I have in my own collection one specimen of the same species from Mardin, Mesopotamia, purchased from Dr. Staudinger under the name Theleproctophylla barbara L. Not being in the possession of the true barbara I had compared my specimen with the figure in Costa’s »Fauna Napoli”, but as most of the figures in this work are incorrect I thought my species was indeed barbara L. This opinion was much strengthened when I saw the exact figure of Th. variegata Klug in the »Symbolae physicae”; moreover Hagen and also Mac Lachlan mention variegata Klug = barbara L.