Ocypode ceratophthalma, Milne Edwards, Annal. Scienc. Nat. 1852, p. 141. Hilgendorf, in: Baron von der Decken’s Reisen in Ost-Afrika, p. 82. The Leyden collection contains: 1°. eleven specimens, collected on the shores of Nossy-Paly near Madagascar, 2°. three from the island of Xulla-Bessy (Moluccas), 3°. one from. Amboina, 4°. eight (5 ♂, 3 ♀) from Amoy (China), presented by Mr. G. Schlegel, 5°. one from the Philippines, collected by Semper and presented by the Göttingen Museum under the name of Ocyp. longecornuta Dana. — All these specimens, though positively belonging to the same species, present however some remarkable varieties.