Siao and Sanghi (the two principal islands of the Archipelago of Sanghi, which forms a kind of link between Celebes and Mindanao) produce a species of Megapode, which is allied to Megapodius cuminghi from the Philippines, Megap. gilberti from the Northern parts of Celebes, Megap. lowii from North-West Borneo, and Megap. forsteni from Ceram, Amboina and Bourou; hut which differs from all these species in a way sufficiently notable to justify its claim to the rank of a separate species. The Philippine bird is at once distinguished from the other above mentioned species by its superior size. The bird of Sanghi, inferior in size to that of the Philippines, is, on the contrary, larger than Megap. lowii and gilberti, and even somewhat larger than Megap. forsteni.