Belongs to subgenus Harpagochares Still (of which the only previously known species was S. spinuliceps Stal). ♂. Head spinose; vertex anteocularly bisulcate, the central piece (tylus?) terminating apically in 2 incurved acuminate subelongate processes; postocularly sulcate medio-longitudinally. First segment of rostrum not reaching beyond base of anteocular part of head, 2nd segment reaching to base of head. Antennal proportions 14 (basal), 22, 5, 7. Pronotum almost twice as long as head, anterior margin roundly excavate; furnished beneath anterolaterally with a strong elongate spine on each side. Elytra reaching just beyond apex of abdominal segment. Anterior trochanters armed with 4 strong spines, third segment of anterior tarsi longer than 1st and 2nd together, second much longer than first.