It is very closely allied to Zonopterus magnificus Bates ¹) from Mount Kina Balu (North Borneo) and strongly resembles that species of which I have a female example from Mr. Oberthür’s collection before me. The new species, of which Dr. J. Bosscha captured a female specimen near Sambas (West Borneo), differs however from magnificus by the narrower and more orange yellow coloured elytral fascia, which moreover is farther removed from the base of the elytra, by the somewhat otherwise coloured antennae (the three basal joints and the basal half of the 4th joint are black), by the fulvous anterior tarsi, by the more slender posterior legs and, last not least, by the shape of the apex of the last (5th) ventral segment which is deeply notched in the middle in the female of magnificus, entire however in the same sex of the new species. I propose to call the new species, in honour of the captor of the described specimen, Zonopterus Bosschae.