Some weeks ago I procured a small collection of Mammals and Birds collected by Mr. J. H. (I have not been happy enough to investigate the name) in the years 1880 and 1881. The specimens labeled 1880 are from Nauta; those with the label 1881 are from Samiria. Nauta is a locality in North-Eastern-Peru on the Marañon-River, visà-vis the mouth of the Ucayali-River. Samiria is a name quite new to me and not on the maps, but I think that this locality is to be found in the neighborhood of Nauta and is perhaps the same as Chambira on the maps: and if this supposition is right then it is a locality in Ecuador, on the River of the same name, a branch of the Marañon. That it is not without interest to know the exact situation of the latter locality will be clear if I say that just from Samiria (Chambira?) are two Mammals in the above quoted collection, which belong to two of the most beautiful and at the same time of the rarest among the South-American species of Mammals.