Length without the head 20,5 mm., that of the head with the protuberances 4,5 mm.; breadth at the shoulders 11 mm. — Head bronzy green with coppery tinges, especially at the front margin of the protuberances; palpi and antennae dark brown red with metallic green tinges; the basal joint of the antennae green. Pronotum and scutellum opaque green, the margins smooth and shining. The elytra sub-opaque green, the suture and lateral margins smooth and shining. Pygidium, body beneath and legs shining green, partially with rich coppery tinges. The whole insect, except the clypeus and the outer surface of the cephalic protuberances, the raised lateral border of the prothorax and elytra, the lateral margins of the scutellum, the suture (partially), the under surface of the femora, the tibiae and tarsi, and a longitudinal band on the middle of the mesosternum and abdomen, as well as a longitudinal line and a rounded spot on each side of it at the middle of the pronotum, a longitudinal line at the middle of the scutellum and a slightly raised longitudinal ridge at the elytra a little inwardly from the shoulders, covered with rather large round (vertex of the head), ovate (thorax, scutellum and elytra) or elongate ovate (pygidium, body beneath and legs) ochraceous scales (those of the under surface and femora greyish), placed into punctures or scratches. The bottom and sides of the excavation of the head covered with erect elongate ovate scales. The labium, antennae (especially the basal joint), the ocular canthus, the top of the anterior coxae and the under surface of the anterior tibiae covered with erect hairs, the latter very densely so. The naked portions, with exception of the clypeus, the outer surface of the cephalic protuberances and the tibiae, without sculpture.