In „Nachrichtsblatt der Deutschen Malakozool. Gesellsch. 1910, p. 134” Mr. V. Franz (Helgoland) gives a note on the occurrence of Helix aspersa in Holland at Vlissingen. He suggests that the animals have been transported fortuitously to that locality. Now I will not discuss the possibility this having been the case here, in the neighborhood of the harbour, where the snails can have been brought with ships from England or Belgium. But the occurrence of Helix aspersa at Vlissingen is not at all curious, as it is considered since many years as belonging to the Dutch fauna. In his list of Dutch molluscs, published in 1858, Mr. Maitland ¹) cites already Helix aspersa, and gives various localities in Holland, including also the isle of Walcheren, where Vlissingen is situated. Herklots ²) calls Helix aspersa a very common snail in Holland. The Leyden Museum possesses specimens from the neighborhood of Leyden and of the Hague, and from Zeist in the province of Utrecht. It needs not wonder this snail, whose moving forward from the North of France to England and Belgium has been observed, having also transgressed our frontier. Certainly a careful looking for this species will supply more localities in our country.