This genus must be separated from the genus Chalcothea such as it has been hitherto defined by myself, in consequence of the distinctly margined sides of the pronotum in both sexes, and of the different conformation of the tibiae in the male: the anterior tibiae of this sex being nearly straight on the inside, the intermediate ones formed nearly as the anterior tibiae in Chalcothea (sens. restr.), the posterior ones provided on the inside of the base with a strongly compressed and irregularly impressed appendage, which extends a little behind the tip of the tibia itself; moreover the undersurface of the middle-, and especially that of the elongate hind-tarsi is rather densely covered with elongate hairs. These characteristics are derived from specimens (two males and one female) sent over from Kotta Zuydewijn near Solok (Sumatra) by Mr. J. H. Schagen van Leeuwen, and belonging to the species which I described a few years ago ¹) under the name of Chalcothea Hasseltii. However the single female specimen which was in my possession at that time, did not yet allow of the generic distinction which by the aid of the additional specimens I am at present able to draw. Chalcothea Hasseltii Rits. must consequently be considered as the type of the new genus.