Only an adult male of this apparently new form of the genus Eudynamis has been collected near Bivak Island, in the Noord River, Southwestern New Guinea, at 9 January 1910 by the members of the last Lorentz-expedition to the snowy mountains. (Coll. Lorentz n°. 508). The plumage is black, glossed with greenish blue. Iris fire-red; bill dull yellow with blackish base; feet black. The dimensions are very small, smaller than those of any of the described forms of Eudynamis, even inferior to those of Eudynamis orientalis alberti Rothschild & Hartert of the Solomon Islands, which has a length of wing from 180—185 mm. (Nov. Zool. XIV, 1907, p. 440). Our specimen measures: culmen 23, wing 169, tail 164, tarso-met. 30 mm.