A few days ago I saw a fine example of a white Gyr-Falcon, that has been shot in our country near the village Rijsbergen, south-west of Breda, in the province Noord-Brabant on the 7th of December 1909. It is in the possession of Mr. C. J. Bosman at Scheveningen, who received it from the lucky shooter, Mr. Rubert at Princenhagen near Breda. The specimen has been stuffed by a taxidermist in Rotterdam, who determined the sex as a female. The bird is a rather young specimen of Hierofalco gyrfalco islandus (Brünnich). I mention here only its capture, which is the first known occurrence of this form in the Netherlands, and hope to give a detailed description of it in my annual report on birds from the Netherlands, received by our Museum from September till September, as, very likely, this interesting specimen soon will make part of our collection of indigenous birds. Leyden Museum, 2 April 1910.