Mr. Karl Schädler, a German, formerly in service of the Dutch Indian Army, who collected for our Museum from December 1896 till middle of May 1898, went first to the northwest-coast of New Guinea and settled in the small place Sekru (Sekroe), situated a little east of Cape Meyer, on the south-coast of the peninsula which borders the big Bay of McCluer in the south. Mr. Schadler was staying here about 3 1/2 month (from 8 December 1896 till 22 March 1897) and sent home 247 specimens of birds (of which 179 are good prepared skins, the rest in alcohol), belonging to 76 species. Although they are all well known, an enumeration may be still of interest on account of the geographical distribution, being the first collection made on this part of the northwest-coast of New Guinea. On other collections, made by Mr. Schädler on the small islands Kisser, Wetter and Babber, I shall report in another paper.