Black; head and thorax impunctate; elytra very finely punctured, flavous, a sutural triangular patch from the middle to the apices, as well as a small spot at the apex of each elytron, black. — Length 2 1/2 lines. Head entirely impunctate, the frontal tubercles strongly raised, the carina short but distinct; the lower edge of the clypeus obscure testaceous; labrum and palpi black; antennae half the length of the body, black, the apices of the three lower joints more or less stained with fulvous, the second joint very short, the third and following ones of nearly equal length. Thorax more than twice as broad as long, the sides rounded, narrowly margined, the anterior angles obliquely rounded, the posterior ones acute, the surface entirely impunctate, broadly transversely sulcate near the base, bounded at the sides by a distinct perpendicular groove. Scutellum black. Elytra broadly ovate, rather convex, very finely punctured, bright flavous, with an elongate black triangular mark, common to both elytra, commencing a little before the middle and extending nearly to the apices where it is very pointed, and connected by the suture with a small black spot placed at the extremities of the elytra. Below and the legs black; the posterior tibiae with a small spine; the first joint of the posterior tarsi as long as the two following ones together; claws appendiculate; anterior coxal cavities open.