Niger, flavo-setulosus, capite antice rotundato, medio carinula transversa, postice carina tridentata, thorace rugose punctato, medio baseos breviter sulcato, elytris interstitiis leviter convexis, asperato-punctatis, pedibus rufopiceis, tarsis obscure rufis. ♂. — Long. 6 mm. Body of a somewhat elongated oval shape, depressed on the superior surface of the elytra, black, the thorax with a faint metallic hue; the surface sparingly covered with short yellowish hairs. The head rounded anteriorly, finely and rather densely punctuated, intermixed with a rather considerable number of large punctures; the middle of the head with a small transverse keel which is slightly arched; the posterior margin of the head tridentate, the median tooth a little shorter but broader at its base than the lateral ones. Thorax coarsely punctuated, the punctuation squamiform on the anterior portion, rugose on the posterior portion; the sides regularly rounded, deeply sinuated behind, the base very finely margined, with a rather deep but short longitudinal groove in the middle and distinctly angular towards the scutellum. Elytra inconspicuously striated, the interstices depressed along the striae, which make the latter appear wider than they really are, and convex in the middle, with a slight rasplike punctuation placed in more or less regular longitudinal series. The pygidium densely and strongly punctuated, with long yellowish hairs. Under surface of the body pitchy; the anterior tibiae and the tarsi reddish brown, the antennae ferrugineous. (Male).