Some months ago a collection of Reptiles from Nias was presented to our Museum by Mr. J. D. Pasteur. The collection, though not a very large one, is of much importance to our Museum as up to this date no Reptiles from Nias were found in our collections. The Erpetology of the isle of Nias has already formed the subject of three papers, viz.: 1° a paper by the late Dr. J. G. Fischer 1), 2° a list published by Mr. G. A. Boulenger 2) and 3° Mr. E. Modigliani’s paper on the Fauna erpetologica of the isle of Nias 3). To the enumeration and the description of the Reptiles collected by Mr. Modigliani himself he adds a list of all the Reptiles of the isle of Nias mentioned by Fischer and Boulenger as well as by himself. This list contains 43 species and though our collection consists of only 15 species, three of them are new to the Fauna of Nias. It is therefore that I give a full list of the species in Mr. Pasteur’s collection, in which the species not yet recorded from Nias are preceded by an asterisk. 1. Gecko stentor Cant. 2. Gonyocephalus grandis Gray. 3. Calotes cristatellus Kuhl. 4. Mabuia multifasciata Kuhl. 5. Calamaria lumbricoidea Schl.