In the first part of the eighth volume of the Catalogus Coleopterorum of Messrs. Gemminger and von Harold, published in 1871, nine species are enumerated as belonging to the above mentioned genus. One of these however, Eupholus vilis Voll. ¹), does not belong to this but to the genus Rhinoscapha Montr, and is allied to Rhinoscapha carinata Pasc. ²) and not to Rhinoscapha insignis Guér. 3) as Mr. Kirsch 4) states who probably had Rh. Batjanensis Voll. 5) in view and not Rh. vilis. In the same year (1871) a new species (Bandanus) and a variety of Petitii Guér. (Salawattensis) have been described by Mr. Snellen van Vollenhoven 6), in 1875 three new species ( Amaliae, Beccarii and Bruynii) and in 1876 one (Bennettii) by Mr. Gestro ¹), in 1877 one (Brownii) by Mr. H. W. Bates ²), one ( Quinque-fasciatus) by Mr. Chevrolat 3) and five (Latreillei, Magnificus, Quadri-maculatus} Alternans and two Admirandus) by Mr. Kirsch 4), and in 1880 (Arfaki and Celebesus) by Mr. Chevrolat 5), making a total number of twenty-two described species.