Having recently obtained a part of the Coleoptera collected by Mr. Whitehead at Mount Kina Balu (N. E. Borneo), I was greatly pleased observing a few specimens of Odontolabis Lowei Parry, a species which is incontestably one of the very rarest of the genus and as yet still very imperfectly known. Dr. Leuthner, although having examined almost all the more important Musea and private collections, failed to find any more specimens except the unique type, an amphiodont male specimen. The five specimens I have now before me, are all of the priodont form and differ considerably in size, four of them having a length of ± 40 mm., whilst one individual measures 57 mm. 0. Lowei is closely allied to 0. Brookeanus Voll. and one of its distinguishing characters, the much broader black band at the base of the elytra, proves to be inconstant, however the shape and the sculpture of the mandibles is quite different, its prosternal process less developed and the elytral rim black beneath.