The study of the fauna of the Timor group is one of the most interesting subjects of zoogeography, the islands of this group having their own peculiar inhabitants besides a great many species which they have in common with Java and still other species that are strictly Australian forms. Wallace already in his „Malay Archipelago” drew attention to this fact, and stated that with regard to the birds 47 species ought to be regarded as being derived from Java, whilst 48 species originated from Australia. With regard to the Papilionidae Wallace mentions 4 species peculiar to Timor, 3 also found in Java and one Australian form. Every contribution to our knowledge of this interesting fauna can claim the attention of all zoologists concerned in zoogeography, and I feel quite happy in being enabled to give a list of reptiles, collected at the islands of the Timor group by Dr. H. ten Kate, who afterwards kindly presented them to the Leyden Museum.