Omnino castaneo-fuscus, parum nitidus, sutura maculisque 2 obsoletis in elytris magis saturatis. Capite latitudine vix breviore, antice angustiore, ad basin tuberculis 4 instructo; rostro supra infraque sulcato, ad apicem parum dilatato; antennis ante rostri medium insertis, subcylindricis, articulis 2—8 transversis, perfoliatis, 9—10 magis elongatis, 11 longitudine duobus precedentibus conjunctis fere aequali acuteque attenuato. Thorace sulcato, impunctato. Elytris subparallelis, apice rotundatis ibique prope suturam leviter excisis, profunde sulcatis. Corpore subtus impunctato, metasterno abdominisque segmentis duobus primis sulcatis. — Long. 7½ mm., lat. 1 3/5 mm. Entirely of a chestnut color, hardly shining. The head is rounded above, about as long as broad and narrower anteriorly than at the base, where it is provided with four protuberances with notches between them. Eyes large, rather prominent and touching the base. Rostrum about 2½ as long as the head, furrowed from the base nearly up to the apex, which is very little dilated; at the under surface the head and the basal portion of the rostrum are furrowed, the anterior portion is provided with two furrows. Antennae inserted before the middle of the rostrum, as thick as its anterior portion and as long as the head and the thorax together; of the joints the 2nd to the 8th are transverse and perfoliated, the 9th and 10th longer but about of the same thickness, the 11th almost as long as the 9th and 10th together, subcylindrical at its basal half and terminating in a rather sharp point.