Besides H. Bowringi Schaum, from Poeloe Penang and of which I possess a specimen labelled »Sumatra”, no species of Hexagonia have been recorded from the Indo-Malayan Region. I have now to add three more species and two of them have proved to be new to science, whilst one seems to be identic with H. Kirbyi Schm. Göb. from continental India (exact locality somewhat doubtful). All these species have been taken in Java, but one of the new species ( nigrita m.) also occurs in Sumatra. Mr. Th. Lucassen sent over to the Leyden Museum two specimens of H. Kirbyi Schm. Göb., together with three examples of a new species (Lucassenii m.) captured in two different localities, but all under similar circumstances, hidden in the sheathes formed by dead leaves of the sugar-cane.