Alpheus hippothoë de M. var. ?, in: Zoologische Jabrbücher, herausgegeben von J. W. Spengel, Abth. f. System. Vol. IX, 1897, p. 754, tab. 36, fig. 66. Two specimens, one of which carrying eggs, from the Sugut river, North Eastern Borneo, collected by Mr. Prakke. Both specimens have the same size and measure about 18 millim. from the tip of the rostrum to the end of the telson; they are somewhat smaller than the Atjeh specimens described l. c., the largest of these being 28 millim. long. Though both individuals are only provided with the larger chelipede, they ought, however, to be referred to the variety quoted above. The rostrum which reaches about to the distal extremity of the first joint of the antennular peduncle, scarcely extends backwards to the middle of the cephalothorax; the upper margin of the interocular compressed portion of the rostrum appears slightly concave. In both specimens the basal joint of the outer antennae is armed with a very small spine on the anterior margin of the inferior surface, not visible when looked at from above.