The earthworms, described in the present paper, are for the greater part collected by Dr. H. ten Kate, during his journey in the Malay Archipelago in 1891, in the isles of Flores, Timor, Samao, Groot-Bastaard and Soemba. I added the description of some other ones from Java, Sumatra and Borneo, for which I am indebted to the kindness of dr. Vorderman, dr. J. F. van Bemmelen, dr. J. G. Boerlage, dr. J. Bosscha en dr. Hagen. As could be expected, a great number of those worms belong to the genus Perichaeta. Though the discrimination of the species of this large genus is a very difficult task, I undertook to add seven new species to it, bringing the total number of Malayan Perichaeta-species up to thirty-three.