In addition to the extensive collection of fishes which Mr. F. Day has brought home from India and which has furnished the material for his important and well-known standard works on the ichthyology of the Indian continent ¹) — the able counterparts of Bleeker’s Atlas of the Fishes from the Archipelago — this gentleman had occasion to bring together a small collection of reptiles and amphibians from the same region. The specimens being as a rule very well preserved and the exact locality of their capture carefully noted, it may perhaps be worth while to give a list of the specimens contained in the collection. Addition to our knowledge of the distribution of some of the species may thus be acquired. It must be noted that some few of the specimens were not collected by Mr. Day himself but presented to him by Dr. Stoliczka, the able naturalist who did such good service in the advancement of our knowledge of the countries he explored. The collection was handed over to me for identification of the species by Mr. Day, who has generously presented it to the Leyden Museum.