Fulvous. Tliorax and elytra finely punctured, the latter black. — Length 7 lines. Head impunctate. Apex of jaws black. Antennae half the length of the body, obscure fuscous above, fulvous below, the apex of the terminal joint black; third joint twice the length of the second; the fourth longer than the 3 preceeding joints together. Thorax transverse, narrow, sides straight at the base, slightly rounded from the middle to the apex, angles acute and thickened, surface with a deep transverse depression at each side and a smaller fovea near the basal margin, very finely and rather remotely punctured. Scutellum fulvous. Elytra deeply transversely depressed before the middle, very finely and irregularly punctured, the punctuation distributed evenly throughout the entire surface. Underside and legs fulvous.