I got some specimens of Cosmema auropunctata Qued. from my friend Dr. Cr. Wellman, who captured them in Angola (Chiyaka district: XI, 1907). The material enables me to give some additional notes to the author’s description. The »rib« of the elytra is a narrow smooth stripe, just a little elevated in the middle of its breadth. The margin of the elytra, outwards from the white longitudinal line, is glossy blackish, almost polished, sparingly and finely punctured; the disk is dull brownish with greenish rougher sculpture: about as densely but less deeply punctured as in C. Gruti Chd. The ♂ ♂ have narrower elytra than the ♀ ♀, their tips tapering (in the ♀ narrowly rounded) without spine. Underside bald, blue-blackish, base of femora not testaceous. Whole sternum with episterna and epimera finely wrinkled, the two apical joints of palpi maxillares testaceous, labrum of ♂ 2/3 of the length of that of ♀, transverse, the middle part (a little more than 1/3 of the breadth) slightly produced, without tooth. The following two new species are closely allied.