Length 12 mm. — Velvety and of a dull brownishgreen colour above, shining with coppery and brassy tinges beneath, the pygidium dull reddish-brown, opaque. Face and clypeus closely punctate, the latter quadrate, the front margin straight, its upturned edge however faintly emarginate in the middle, the lateral angles broadly rounded. Thorax covered with line punctures which are rather uniformly spread over the whole surface, and provided with six minute white dots arranged in two transverse rows of which the anterior one consists of two, the posterior curved one of four dots; three by three these dots form two lateral triangles which have their tip directed to the centre of the disk. Scutellum very small, narrow and acute. Elytra slightly narrowing towards the apex, faintly punctate-striate, the internal striae not continued on the basal half, the sutural angles rounded. Each elytron provided with two marginal and two discal spots of a pale orangeyellow colour, viz: a rather large squarish marginal spot just behind the middle, a small marginal spot in the outer apical angle, a small discal spot nearly touching the anterior angle of the large marginal spot, and a very minute dot on the middle of the apical half at some distance from the suture. Pygidium transversely scratched, sparingly covered with short pale bristles, and provided with a small white spot at each side. Under surface and legs strongly punctured and sparingly covered with short pale bristles; mesosternal process short, conical; three small white dots on the sides of the mesosternum, and two rows of similar spots on each side of the abdomen. Anterior tibiae with two acute lateral teeth of which the median one is less developed than the ante-apical one. I have much pleasure in dedicating this pretty species to Dr. B. Hagen, who has captured the described specimen at Tandjong Morawa in the district of Serdang (East Sumatra).