1. Eurycephalus maxillosus Oliv. (Entoin. IV, n°. 67 (1795). p. 52; pl. 20, fig. 147), the type of which is in the Leyden Museum, is not the male sex of Eurycephalus Lundii Fabr. = nigripes Oliv. l. c. fig. 149 (cf. Lacordaire, Gen. d. Coléopt. IX. p. 175, and Cat. Monac. IX. p. 2968) but that of a distinct species, the female sex of which has been described by Mr. Pascoe under the name of Eurycephalus variabilis (Ann. a. Mag. of nat. hist. (3). V (1860). p. 120, and Longicornia Malayana. p. 654). 2. Eurycephalus Wieneckii Voll. (Tijdschr. v. Entom. XIV (1871). p. 105; pl. 4, fig. 5) from Timor and Sumbawa, omitted from the »Catalogus Monacensis”, does not belong to the genus Eurycephalus but to the genus Philagathes Thorns., as is also the case with Purpuricenus sanguinolentus Oliv. (Cat. Monac.).