Being occupied with an examination of the frogs from the Malayan Archipelago in our Collections, the type-specimens of Bufo cruentatus (Schleg.) Tschudi and Hylaplesia borbonica Kuhl & v. Hass. came under my hand, and I was not a little surprised to see that the later authors believe those two species to be identical. Our specimens of B. cruentatus quite agree with the description given by Duméril and Bibron, but those of B. borbonicus (Peters has first pointed out that Hylaplesia is a true Bufonid) differ by so striking characters, that this species is recognised at first sight and the confusion of both species must certainly be imputed to the incomplete description of Boie and to the rarity of the specimens. However it is very strange that Peters, who first pointed out some differences between B. cruentatus and B. borbonicus (Monatsb. Berlin. Acad. 1863, p. 81), afterwards declared that they must be taken for the same (loc. cit. 1867, p. 34).