Very closely allied to Helota Feae Rits. from Burma ¹), but distinguished by the coarser punctuation of the elytra, which have moreover their apices not produced into a point, by the less distinctly truncated apex of the last ventral segment, and by the narrow and ill-defined red streak along the sides of the pronotum. Length 15 mm. — The colour of the upper surface is dark bronze, blackish around the four yellow elytral spots which are small and strongly convex; the antennae are reddish testaceous, somewhat darker towards the club which is pale brown; an indistinct reddish testaceous narrow streak runs along the lateral margins of the pronotum. The colour of the underside is reddish testaceous, with the exception of the head (the throat alone shows this colour), a streak surrounding the anterior coxae, and the elytral epipleurae, which parts are of a bronze colour; the legs are reddish testaceous, with the trochanters, the apex of the femora, the base and apex of the tibiae, and the tarsi (with the exception of the basal half of the claw-joint) dark pitchy or black; an infuscate stripe is present along the upperside of the anterior femora.