Allied to Helota Vandepolli Rits. 1), from Borneo, but broader, more strongly shining and of a brighter, more golden bronze colour above; moreover the punctuation on the head and pronotum is much coarser, that along the middle of the elytra finer, and the yellow spots on the elytra are larger. Length 12 mm. — Above very shining along the middle and of a bright golden bronze colour; along the lateral margins the elytra are greenish; the scutellum is green; the antennae are pale testaceous with the club dark pitchy; the yellow elytral spots are situated between the 3rd and 6th striae and surrounded with black; the anterior pair is subquadrate, the posterior pair slightly narrower (more ovate) than the anterior one. The colour of the underside is pale testaceous, with the exception of the head (the throat alone is testaceous), the lateral portions of the prosternum and the elytral epipleurae which parts are bright golden green; the middle portion of the sterna shows a metallic green hue; the legs are pale testaceous with the trochanters pitchy brown and the apex of the femora, the base and apex of the tibiae 2) and the tarsi dark pitchy, the latter with the exception of the base of the claw-joint and that of the claws themselves; an infuscate stripe is present along the upperside of the anterior femora.