The first of the two beautiful Cetoniidae here described is an exceedingly interesting addition to our knowledge of this group as being a very close ally of the Heterorrhina dives Westw. 1), a species so extremely rare that, although first described as long back as 1833 2), the original typespecimen in the Paris Museum is still, I believe, the only example known, and this it has been suggested is an “artefact” 3), made up of the body of a Coryphocera and the head of a Diceros, but as the new species here described has a very similar cephalic armature, I do not think any reason should exist for the supposition of the type-specimen of dives having been manufactured. The new species is remarkable in having the head similarly armed in the two sexes, which probably will be found to be the case also in dives, when the female may be discovered. My description has been taken from a pair, sent by Mr. Ritsema, with a request to name the species after the discoverer. The other species, I have taken this opportunity of describing, has a quite different form of head, but is very similar in other respects.