On Pseudogerygone rubra, a remarkable new species of Flycatcher, from the Arfak Mountains, North-Western New Guinea. By R. Bowdler Sharpe, F. L. S. etc. In the course of examination of the genus Gerygone I encountered tlie greatest difficulty in classifying and arranging the species, which are very numerous, but I found at last that it would be better to divide the genus into two, for which the wing-formula proved a great assistance. Thus all the species of true Gerygone, of which G. albigularis (Gould) is the type, have the second primary lengthened, and exceeding the secondaries. The species which I place in this genus are the following: 1. Gerygone albigularis (Gould). Hab. Australia. 2. » cinerascens, Sharpe. Hab. S. E. New Guinea. 3. » inornata, Wall. Hab. Timor. 4. » simplex, Cab. Hab. Luzon. 5. » sulfurea, Wall. Hab. Solor. 6. » flaveola, Cab. Hab. Borneo, Celebes. » xanthogastra, Salvad. Hab. Misori.