As Prof. Schlegel, in March 1876, finished his»Monographie des Singes” there was no specimen of C. talapoin in the Leyden Museum. He, therefore, ranged this species as a subdivision in the great group of Cercopithecidae, saying that, according to Is. Geoffroy Hilaire, this species was characterized by only three tubercles on the fifth lower molar. Having worked, some time ago, in the Monkeys of the Leyden Museum, I found that, since 1876, the collection was increased by three specimens of this species. On the bottom of the stand of one of these specimens I found the following remark, written by the hand of Schlegel: » Cercopithecus talapoin. ♂ ad. Tué au Gabon près de »Dongola. La tête etant fortement endommagée on n’en »a pu tirer le crane dont la dernière molaire de la mâchoire »inférieure offre toutefois dans cet individu quatre tubercu»les absolument comme dans tous les autres Cercophitèques.”