Rufous; antenna), labrum and legs black; elytra violaceous blue, strongly punctate-striate anteriorly, the 9th row interrupted, the interstices costate at the apex. — Length 4 lines. Head impunctate, rufous, with the usual grooves of moderate depth; the labrum black; antennaæ) half the length of the body, entirely black, the fourth joint one half longer than the third; thorax rufous, not longer than broad, deeply constricted at the middle, the base with a deep transverse sulcation; the disc with a few minute punctures placed longitudinally; scutellum rufous; elytra slightly raised at the basal portion but not transversely depressed below the latter, the shoulders deeply longitudinally sulcate within, the punctuation deep at the anterior half, gradually diminishing posteriorly till it disappears entirely at the apex, where the interstices are costate; the ninth row of punctures is interrupted at the sides and costate, in front of this and close to the lateral margin is another very deep longitudinal depression; the underside is reddish fulvous, clothed with short silvery pubescence; the legs are black.