Of this order a fine series was brought together, including several interesting species, one of which is new to science. All the species belong to the family Panorpidae and to the two genera Leptopanorpa Mac Lachlan and Neopanorpa Weele. These two genera may be distinguished from the other genera of the family by the following characters: Wings elongate, very narrow at the base and gradually broadened towards the apex. The anal veins very short. In the forewing the 1st runs into the hind margin before the origin of the radial sector. The 3rd very short. Between 1st and 2nd anal vein in the forewing only one cross vein. In the forewing subcosta joins costa in the pterostigmatical region. In the male the hind margin of 3rd tergit is produced into a slender, cylindrical prolongation, which covers an elevation upon 4th tergit. Leptopanorpa may be known by the long and very slender abdomen in the male. The abdomen is much longer than the wings, 2nd abdominal segment ¹) almost as long as broad, 3rd as long as broad and the following much longer than broad; 7th and 8th exceedingly long and slender, 9th more or less pedunculate.