Length from the forehead to the end of the elytra 9 mm., breadth at the shoulders 3½ mm.; length of the antennae 9½ mm. — Rather dull testaceous-yellow; the mandibles (except at the base on the outside), the eyes and the claws dark brown, the seven apical joints of the antennae blackish, the apex of the elytra bluish black; covered with rather long erect pale coloured hairs, the elytra moreover with a greyish slightly sericeous pile, the bluish black apical portion, however, excepted. The head is armed on the middle of the face with a strongly compressed projection or horn, which has, when seen sideways, the shape of a shoe, the frontmargin of which (the sole) is fringed with two rows of diverging long fulvons hairs, which are very densely set and form a tuft on the enlarged upper extremity (the toes); the face is concave on each side of this projection, very glossy and impunctate; the cheeks are finely punctate; the vertex shows, besides a dark coloured line along the middle, a few large punctures. The antennae are of about the same length as the body, slightly hairy; the four basal j’oints glossy though densely punctured, the seven apical ones opaque; the scape is a little longer than the 2nd and 3rd joint taken together, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th joint slightly swollen at the tip, the 5th and following joints cylindrical, gradually decreasing in length, the apical joint the shortest and pointed at the tip.