After having spent nine months’ time in our Museum, and thoroughly prepared and fit out to carry on my own investigations, Mr. A. T. Demery, the son of my Liberian huntsman Jackson Demery, left for his mother-country in August last year. Immediately after his arrival he went at work and has sent since, amongst many other objects, two small collections of birds from different parts of the district of Grand Cape Mount in Western Liberia. Many of the birds have been collected in the vicinity of Robertsport, others on the Johny Creek (a confluent of the Fisherman Lake), and others again at Jarjee, a Golah Town some days travel in the Interior up the Mahfa River. As, besides the two new Zosterops, several of the 87 or 88 collected species are new for Liberia, and others being rare or of some interest in another way, I consider it sufficiently important to bring forward a full list of them, the more so as Mr. Demery, in January last, has left Liberia for the Sulymah River in the British Colony of Sierra Leone. The species not contained in my List of Liberian Birds, N. L. M. 1889, p. 129—138, will be marked with an asterisc. The species, collected by us in Liberia, have now reached the number of 238.