Milne Edwards, Hist, natur. des crust. t. II, p. 395. — Von Martens, Ueber einige Ost-asiatische Süsswasserthiere, in “Archiv für Naturgeschichte,” 1868, p. 34. There are specimens of this beautiful species in the Museum collection from Siam, Java, Celebes (Makassar) and Borneo. Always, at every age, the first pair of legs are longer than the scale of the external antennae: in very large adult specimens they project with half of the wrist (carpopodite) beyond the antennal scale, in young and very young specimens only with the hands (chelipedes). In adult specimens the carpopodite of the second pair of legs is as long as the palm, but it is comparatively longer in young specimens. Thus in a young male specimen that has a length of 65 millimetres (the distance between tip of beak and end of terminal segment), the carpopodite of the second pair of legs measures 9 mm., the palm 4½ mm., and the fingers 2 3/4 mm.; in a male specimen of the length of 120 mm., on the contrary, these measures are respectively 17 mm., 13 mm., 10½ mm., the difference between wrist and palm being already diminished, and in very large adult specimens the carpopodite and the palm have the same length.