During a visit to the Leyden Museum I found in the collection a Coleotichus from the Samoa-islands which on examination appeared to represent a new species of this genus. When preparing my Monograph of the Coleotichus (Annales Musei nationalis Hungarici, III, pp. 317 — 361, pls. VIII et IX, 1905) I did not see any material from the Samoa-islands and it is quite interesting to find the genus is represented there by a new species. In my opinion this is certainly one of the intermediate forms which are to be found between the splendid C. Blackburni from Hawaii and the australasian Coleotichus. This new Coleotichus was collected at Savaii, Samoa, by Mr. W. von Bülow, after whom, at the request of Mr. Ritsema, I have named the species C. Bülowi, I append here a short description of it.