At the time, now a good while ago, I described the mentioned Javanese Asilid (Tijdschr. voor Entomol. XV, p. 148), I had at my disposal only some defective specimens from the Leyden Museum, the antennae being incomplete: the third joint of them being wanting. At that time I overlooked an essential character of the genus Habropogon , viz. the unusual shortness of the first tarsal joint. Latterly having become acquainted with some true species of that genus, I am aware of my error in referring the above species to it. The examination of well preserved specimens in the collection of Mr. Neervoort van de Poll has taught me, that my Habropogon jucundus belongs to the genus Scylaticus Löw, and that it is identical with Sc. vertebratus Bigot (Ann. de la Soc. Entom. de France, 1878, p. 435), likewise from Java. The third antennal joint is indeed very slender, and longer than the two basal joints together; moreover the basal joint of the tarsi is of the usual shape.