When in February, on my return from London to Frankfurt, I visited the Leyden Museum, I had — through the liberality of the Director and the kindness of my friend J. Büttikofer — the opportunity of examining the collection of Cypselidae, Caprimulgidae and Podargidae in the Museum, and among them the unique specimen of Caprimulgus binotatus , Bp. Consp. I and Hartl. Orn. W. Afr., a most singular and distinct species, which has no near ally. In a not yet revised lot of Podargidae I noticed a specimen of Batrachostomus, collected by Horner in the province of Padang in W. Sumatra in 1837. The label which is attached to the stand of the specimen bears the name of Podargus poliolophus Temm. n. sp. This name however seems to be unpublished, but the bird is totally different from all the species of the genus which have been described until now. I give the following description of it.