In a collection of reptiles from the Dutch colonies, given to me for identification by Mr. L. Dollo of the Zoological Museum at Brussels, I found two specimens of a Typhlops from Batavia, very much agreeing with Boulenger’s description of T. polygrammicus Schl., but in some points differing from our typical specimen from Timor. The snout is depressed, rounded and strongly projecting, nostrils just visible from below. Rostral about 1/3 the width of the head, nearly extending to the level of the eyes, the portion visible from below a little more long than broad, nasal incompletely divided, the cleft extending from the second labial to the surface of the snout; praeocular present, in both specimens as broad as the nasal, in specimen a broader, in specimen b narrower than the ocular, in contact with the 2nd and 3rd labial. Four upper labials. Diameter of the body 40 to 42 times in the total length. Tail in specimen a 1 2/3 as long as broad, in specimen b only a little longer than broad, ending in a spine. 22 scales round the body. Specimen a measures 365 mm., specimen b only 340 mm.