In a paper on the Cetoniidae captured by Mr. C. Ribbe in the Aru-Islands (Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift. XXIX (1885). p. 81—93), Dr. Kraatz has established the genus » Dichrosoma” for the reception of an insect upon which he bestowed the specific name »Lansbergei.” According to the author this new genus is a very distinct one, although rather difficult to characterize, being not closely allied to any of the already known genera, and perhaps it should be best placed after Sternoplus. Having acquired of late the unique specimen (type) of this species, I was at first sight surprised by the great resemblance it shows in outline with Diaphonia Bassi White, an insect upon which Kraatz has established his genus Platedelosis (Deutsche Ent. Zeitschrift XXIV (1880). p. 198), and after a careful examination of both the species, I feel quite sure that there is not a single characteristic to justify a generic separation. Happily I remembered the existence of a Platedelosis-species from New-Guinea, viz.: Pl. pinguis O. Jans. (Cist. Ent. II. p. 605 (1882). pl. XI, f. 2), and a careful comparison of Pl. Lansbergei with the description and figure of Pl. pinguis convinced me that it is quite the same species, the coloration only being somewhat different, viz.: the black of the thorax is much reduced, the sides being broadly edged with yellow, the black oblique median spots on the elytra are larger and touch the outermargin, and there is an additional black spot at the shoulders and a narrow black stripe along the greater apical portion of the suture, the abdomen is entirely black, and also the greater part of the legs.